ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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Svenska Historia och Kultur

Hanna (John) Hajjar's Top 10 List of Historical Lies.

Dr Sebastian Brock misquoted - The Hidden Pearl

Michael The Syrian and his Aramean Ancestors - Part I

H.W. F Saggs - The Might that was Assyria

Robert Rollinger - Where the name Syrian came from

Esah Bisseh

By: Theodora Akkurt


By: Henri Kifa


Abdo Badwi Stokholm 2006


Abdo Badwi


by Chuck Todaro


to Malfono George Rezkalla in Maalula



Aramaic Maronite church in Gush-Halav, Israel



Marta Wozniak



The Association of the Academic Arameans.

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